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About the team

Team Charles-Barclay is a global training community led by Lucy and Reece Charles-Barclay. As a member, you will be personally trained towards your goals, supported by a trusted team of performance experts, surrounded by exclusive content, social experiences, training feedback and more.

Lucy Charles-Barclay
Lucy Charles-Barclay is the one of the biggest names in the sport of Triathlon. An ITU Long Distance World Champion, a IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion, with 4 x 2nd place finishes at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona. Despite being a global star, Lucy is passionate and committed to leading Team Charles-Barclay to be a powerful global training community.


Country: United Kingdom
Age: 29




Competing 20 years


Triathlon & Swim




Dogs & Braids


Dame Kelly Holmes

Performance Belief

To be a well-rounded performer in Triathlon it is important to look after every discipline with equal focus. In addition the training; recovery, nutrition, equipment and body conditioning are key.


IRONMAN 70.3 World Champ, ITU Long Distance World Champ, 4 x Silver IRONMAN World Champs


Experienced coach and personal trainer with a passion for supporting

Reece Charles-Barclay
Reece is both academically and athletically accomplished with a BSc Sports Science degree and 3 x IRONMAN World Championship qualification to his name. Reece has been the solo coaching mastermind behind Lucy’s success up until 2021, since then he works closely alongside with Dan Lorang to steer Lucy’s career.


Country: United Kingdom
Age: 31




Competing 18 years




Holistic & Firm


Racing & Travel


Dave Scott

Performance Belief

A structured, attention to detail approach to training is necessary to see performance improvements. Irrelevant if someone has a lot of talent, to accomplish goals requires a lot of hard work.


3 x IRONMAN World Champs Qualifier, Co-Coach to Lucy Charles-Barclay, Professional Triathlete


BSc in Sport Science, Certified Personal Trainer

The Kollektiv Experience

We understand the challenges that come with reaching your goals. Whether you're training for your first Triathlon, a weekend warrior wanting more structured training, or you simply wish to achieve whatever goals you have set yourself - the Kollektiv app enables us to support you on your journey. Find out more below...


From hyper-personalised training in the palm of your hand to a complete set of video tutorials covering swim, bike, run, body, nutrition, and so much more. Isn't it time you joined our Kollektiv?


Smash your goals.

Customise your plan, train at your own pace and build a schedule that delivers on your goals. The Kollektiv app has been created from the ground up to give you the best chance at success. Now go smash it!

Hyper-personal plans

Make it work with the way you work. It's built around you.

Educate yourself

Get lost in our training videos and tips. Learn and develop.

You're not alone

Expert advice that's worth x 100 Google searches. Ok maybe 99!

Keeping it simple

We're not here to impress you with words. The app is built for efficiency and enjoyment.

Input = Output

Training that adjusts to your feedback and progress, continuously and silently.

A growing community

As our team grows and the app evolves, more features will be added to make your experience even better!

 R U N .   S W I M .    C Y C L E .

Powering real endurance training and a never-stop-learning attitude.

In this one-of-a-kind app experience you’ll receive our master class insights from training and racing, ensuring you have all the right equipment, approaches, as well as the correct mental and physical attributes to give you the best opportunity for success!

Start your journey·


Get Social

And feel good for taking on your challenges. Theres nothing like a little moral support along the way either!


All levels

Swim, Cycle, Run, or Triathlon. From beginner to trained athlete, we've got you covered.


The inside story

Find the latest news about future app releases, brand updates, athletes, creators as well as winners and ‘nearly winners’ in our most recent news.



Sure thing. Whether you’ve completed your first 5km running event or targeting a full-distance triathlon, or you just want to do better at the next goal, you will receive a personalised training plan to match your fitness level. The plan will continually adapt based on your training results and your life schedule. Members are located all over the world, ranging from beginners who have not yet completed their first goal, to IRONMAN Kona qualifiers.

You are welcome to join if you already have a coach but the price is inclusive of the training services. We do not offer access without the training services.

Once you have signed up and logged into the Kollektiv app for the first time, you will have to complete a two-part onboarding. Your answers will tell the team more about you, your training habits, your fitness history, ambitions and availability to train. The training plan will be designed in a way that gives you structure and choice in the training you do. Your plan will continually evolve, based on your training feedback and wearable device data, always progressing you towards your goals.

You can be personally trained for single and multi-sport events; Triathlon, Duathlon, Swimming, Cycling and Running. The training methods are based on proven sports science and human performance expertise. The methods and approaches used to personally train you, have been used and trusted by world-class athletes, Olympians and world champions. We can train you for 5km to ultra-distance running events, short to long distance cycling events, and the full range of Sprint, Olympic, Middle or Full Distance triathlon events. We specialise in the focus and composition of multiple sports for performance consistency and longevity.

You can send a message to the human performance experts as and when you need a second opinion. They are there to support your journey. Please know that the experts are not on hand to have real-time chat. Keep your questions and updates concise for healthy progress. Due to their focus and how busy their training and life schedule is, you should not expect Lucy and Reece to be answering the support questions you might have. The performance team of experts will answer at the earliest opportunity. They won’t pester you, they prefer to leave you to your training and they trust that you’ll reach out if and when you need them.

From the day that you have submitted your on-boarding answers, it can take up to 7 days for a coach to design and approve your plan. (Most community members receive theirs within 2 – 3 working days)

Supporting Lucy and Reece will be a trusted team of human performance experts and sports scientists. The Kollektiv performance team will be responsible for the regular delivery of every member’s personalized training. The performance team takes care of all training related matters, this enables Lucy and Reece to be more focused on engaging with your training progress and development.

Lucy and Reece are the leaders of this training community. They will have visibility on your training performance and results. They will have the ability to interact directly on your training progress and results. They have an app designed purposely to help them be interactive, despite their very busy training, racing and travelling schedules. They will also be educating and motivating you through the content and community features.

In the Kollektiv app your training intensity will be described by training zones with rating of perceived effort, heart rate and FTP power ranges all visible inside the app. We use simple training terms such as Easy, Basic, Steady, Strong and Fast to describe training effort. These are mapped to the primary description for training intensity which is Rating of Perceived Effort (RPE) and there is always a corresponding HR and Power range. It is Intentional that RPE is used as the primary descriptive approach to training zones. It is a method of training that teaches you to read your body and gauge your effort on feeling, and not to be dictated by data. We view data as an important supportive tool and a secondary descriptive approach to training. For absolute best results it is critical to learn how to read your body and not to be dependent on data as a sole dictator of effort and intensity.

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Choose the subscription that fits you best. The only difference between the plans is duration and savings!


Three Month Plan

Great for those wanting to join without the annual commitment.

€44 / Month

Billed every 3 months, equals €44 per month + 10% saving on annual.

Save 10%

€132 total


Six Month Plan

Great for athletes wanting to save whilst signing up for a longer period.

€37 / Month

Billed every 6 months, equals €37 per month + 25% saving on annual.

Save 25%

€220 total

Our most popular plan
Save more and spread the cost.


Twelve Month Plan

More commitment less cost. Our best saving plan for the all-in goal-getters!

€29 / Month

Billed every 12 months, equals €29 per month + 40% saving on annual.

Save 40%

€352 total

Training plans

Designed around you


Easy to follow workouts

Video lessons

Complementary video lessons


Support from real experts

Track progress

Set your goals and track progress


We grow together.


I have always trained inconsistently. Nutrition up and down too. Luckily I joined a Kollektiv community. Any person close to me would vow how I have changed.

“Beyond Triathlon”

A Kollektiv community offers a place where I can be vulnerable and open to sharing my thoughts and questions to becoming the best version of myself.

“Amazing learning experience”

I personally think this is an unbeatable experience worth the time and money, especially if you are looking to up your triathlon game to the next level.