We believe endurance sport is a community sport

We are Kollektiv, a different kind of training platform

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Kollektiv is founded upon decades of participation, coaching, community building and peak performance experience within endurance sports.

The accomplishments of our team span peak performance and product excellence. We’ve experienced competing at the Olympic Games, winning World Championship titles, with athletic and coaching performance at the highest level. Our product and engineering talent have designed and built leading community and training solutions adopted by over 25 million end consumers globally.

We understand what it takes for communities to thrive and for everyday training enthusiasts to balance family, life and work to succeed with their health and fitness goals.

Values that make the difference

As much as we’re athletes and ex-pros, we’re parents, friends and co-workers – just like you

World Class

World Class

We pass on the knowledge that has led us to world records and Olympic participation.



We know the real problems that arise on the long road to success – and are there when you need us.

Boost your skills


We support every athlete, no matter the background and expect the same from our members.

Meet our Experts

Communities trust the support of our expert team.
They oversee your training and are available when you are in need.

Patrizia Pastwa
Patrizia Pastwa
Body & Injury
Holistic, Multisport, Multiple Olympic Athletes
Nicholas Ward-Munoz
Former Pro, Multisport, Cycling, Vegetarian
Mark Whittaker
Multisport, Cycling, Top Amateur
Leanne Fanoy
Former Pro, Multisport, Human Physiology
Hugh Rowlands
Multisport, Cycling, Holistic, Data
Helle Frederiksen
Performance & Nutrition
Former Pro, Olympian, World Champ, Multisport

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