Be your best,
train with a Kollektiv.

Unleash your best self with tailored training plans for running, swimming and cycling. All supported by World Class coaches and ex-athletes.


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Be your best, trainwith a Kollektiv.

Unleash your best self by joining a Kollektiv community. Get hyper personalised training, e-learning and support, for swimming, cycling and running - surrounded by world-class athletes and coaches.


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Join a Kollektiv community to receive a personalised training experience, learning and support from your favourite creators. Each community is led by influential people such as professional athletes, coaches and performance experts.

Our Kollektiv’s

As a an athlete, when you join us, you gain access to a global network of world-class coaches, ex-pros and current WR holders. Kollektiv has finally brought world class coaching to everyone - all from one simple but powerful app.


The greatest goals
are never easy

We’ve been there before… You’re a weekend warrior, a super-mum, newbie or a trained athlete levelling up for a marathon – with a million other things to do! Like you, we’re also human. Which is why we’ve designed an end-to-end app experience to take all the complexity, stress and anxiety of training away.


The greatest goals
are never easy

We’ve been there before. You’re a weekend warrior, a super-mum, newbie or a trained athlete levelling up for a marathon – with a million other things to do! Like you, we’re also human. Which is why we’ve designed an end-to-end app experience to take all the complexity, stress and anxiety of training away.



Smash your goals.

Customise your plan, train around your pace, build a schedule that delivers on your goals. We've created the Kollektiv app from the ground up to give the best chance at success. Now go find your community and smash it!

Hyper-personal plans

Make it work with the way you work. It's built around you.

Educate yourself

Get lost in our training videos and tips. Learn and develop.

You're not alone

Expert advice that's worth x 100 Google searches. Ok maybe 99!

Keeping it simple

We're not here to impress you with words. Our app is built for efficiency and enjoyment.

Input = Output

Training that adjusts to your feedback and progress, continuously and silently.

A growing community

As the Kollektiv grows the app evolves. More Athletes, more creators and more interaction.

Great for endurance,
you never stop learning.

Get a master-class from real, olympic level experts, with a comprehensive library of best practice, correct equipment selection and a whole host of other content covering body, mind, nutrition and much more. 

 R U N .   S W I M .     C Y C L E .

Start your journey·

Start your journey·


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And feel good for taking on your challenges. Theres nothing like a little moral support along the way either!


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Swim, Cycle, Run, or Triathlon. From beginner to trained athlete, we've got you covered.


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Sure thing. Whether you’ve completed your first 5km running event or targeting a full-distance triathlon, or you just want to do better at the next goal, Kollektiv will provide you with a personalised training plan to match your fitness level and adapt around your life schedule. Our existing members are located all over the world, ranging from beginners who have not yet completed their first goal, to IRONMAN Kona qualifiers.

The workouts that are provided are not compulsory. The learning content is helpful for all athletes irrelevant if you have a coach or not.

Once you have signed up for Kollektiv, you will have to complete data-driven on-boarding experience. Your answers will tell us more about you, your training habits, your fitness history, ambitions and availability to train. The training plan will be designed in a way that gives you structure and choice in the training you do. Your plan will continually evolve and personalise based on your progress.

Kollektiv can personally train you for single and multi-sport events; Triathlon, Duathlon, Swimming, Cycling and Running. Our unique method is based on proven sports science and human performance expertise. The methods and approaches used to personally train you, have been used and trusted by world-class athletes, Olympians and world champions. We can train you for 5km to ultra-distance running events, short to long distance cycling events, and the full range of Sprint, Olympic, Middle or Full Distance triathlon events. We specialise in the focus and composition of multiple sports.

You can send a message to our human performance experts as and when you need a second opinion. Please just know a lot of experts are out training and also taking part in events so keep your questions and updates concise for healthy progress. They will answer at the earliest opportunity. We won’t pester you, we prefer to leave you to your training and we trust that you’ll reach out to the performance experts if and when you need them.

From the day that you have submitted your on-boarding answers, it can take up to 7 days for a coach to design and approve your plan. (Most community members receive theirs within 2 – 3 days)

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You can join any of our Kollektiv communities, led by top pro and ex-pro athletes, coaches and experts. Click on a community to find out more.

The Founders Kollektiv

A global training community led by Helle Frederiksen.

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Team Charles-Barclay

A global training community led by Lucy and Reece Charles-Barclay.

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Ever thought of taking your team, community or followers on the journey with you? Now you can and help them at the same time. Kollektiv is made up of world class professional athletes, ex-pros, local heroes and leaders from around the world.

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I have always trained inconsistently. Nutrition up and down too. Luckily I joined a Kollektiv community. Any person close to me would vow how I have changed.

“Beyond Triathlon”

A Kollektiv community offers a place where I can be vulnerable and open to sharing my thoughts and questions to becoming the best version of myself.

“Amazing learning experience”

I personally think this is an unbeatable experience worth the time and money, especially if you are looking to up your triathlon game to the next level.